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Cyber attacks
every day

1 in 4

Law firms become victims of
a data breach


of clients say they would leave after a cyber breach.

Protect Your Law Firm

Don't let your law firm be the next cyber attack victim in the news. CyberSURE automatically tests and trains your employees to avoid phishing attacks and wire fraud scams. Additionally, CyberSURE works with your firm and IT provider to protect your clients confidential data, respond to a cyber breach and secure your firm's reputation.

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...And get your firm’s baseline cyber score, visibility into your IT & non-IT risks as well as the tools you and your IT provider need to improve your score so you can become cyber secure and protect your firm’s future.

  • Drastically lower your risk of a cyber breach

    CyberSURE will verify your real cyber risks including your IT vulnerabilities as well as your employee’s susceptibility to email phishing scams.

  • Affordable for companies of all sizes

    CyberSURE’s subscription prices have been designed to fit within your budget whether you are a local or regional sized company.

  • Easy to use & works with your IT provider

    CyberSURE only takes minutes to setup and automatically interacts with key personnel within your company as well as your IT provider.

  • Prove you are safe to do business with

    CyberSURE not only finds your cyber risks, but helps you remove them. Once removed, you will receive your Cyber Secure Verified certificate.

About CyberSURE

CyberSURE is a plug & play solution that gives you a baseline of your company’s real cyber risks in a way you can understand.

CyberSURE provides the path to securing your company, avoiding a successful cyber attack, and proving to your customers that you are a protected and trustworthy organization.

Get your CyberSURE Verified Certificate to prove you are safe to do business with.

CyberSURE Will Work For You

Learn how CyberSURE can secure your company and prove you are safe to do business with.

Increased Visibility
in Real-Time

CyberSURE assesses & provides real-time, actionable reporting on your cyber risks in a way you can understand.

Verifies Security

CyberSURE verifies your IT provider is providing the security you are paying for or if you are not receiving adequate security.


Employee Awareness Training

CyberSURE sends out email attacks (phishing) to test your employees’ vulnerability and to teach them what not to click.

Trackable Results
That Matter

CyberSURE provides tools, resources, & guidance to remove your cyber risks & become cyber secure.

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Affordable monthly
subscription options.

CyberSURE was created to give local and regional companies the same cyber security visibility and guidance that larger, national companies receive, at a price they can afford.