How CyberSURE Works

See how CyberSURE can effortlessly secure your company within your budget.

Subscribe to CyberSURE

We provide affordable subscription options based on your companies needs and budget.

Upload Your Cyber Risk Contacts

Register your company’s cyber risk contacts, including your IT provider and key company personnel. CyberSURE will automatically email these contacts with their cyber risk questions.

Upload Your Employee’s Emails

Upload your company’s employee email addresses and CyberSURE will automatically begin email phishing tests to see how they respond. Remember, 90% of cyber-attacks begin with employees.

Your Job is Done!

Now CyberSURE goes to work analyzing all of your company’s cyber risk responses as well as email phishing simulation results.

See Your Current
Cyber Score & Risks

You will receive an email notification to visit your CyberSURE Portal to view your Cyber Score and Cyber Risks, which include IT and Non-IT risks.

Remove Your Risks,
Improve Your Cyber Score

Now, your team and your IT provider can utilize your CyberSURE Portal to fix your cyber risks.

Access template documents

We provide template cyber policies, procedures, attack response, compliance and other documents that you can quickly personalize to your company.

Continuous Email Phishing Tests

Throughout your subscription, CyberSURE continually simulates email phishing attacks monthly showing how your employees are responding and who needs training.

Engage Employee Training

We provide interactive employee training based on an employee's response to the continuing email phishing testing as well as overall cyber security and social engineering materials.

Communicate with your team

Interact with your team and IT provider via our messaging and chat systems within the portal, making your cyber security journey effective and efficient.

Incident Response Roadmap

We provide an incident response roadmap that will help your company plan for and react to a cyber breach to mitigate potential damage, decrease downtime and protect your brand.

Vendor Risk Assessments

Your CyberSURE portal provides you a way to send an automated assessment to your vendors and other entities to make sure they are cyber secure and will not raise your cyber risk.

Cyber Secure Verified

Once your Cyber Score has improved to a safe level, CyberSURE issues your companies Cyber Secure Certificate. This can be displayed at your corporate office or utilized within presentations or bids to prove you are safe to do business with and separate you from your competition.

Access Discounted
Cyber Insurance Policies

We work with cyber insurers that are prepared to provide you a discounted cyber insurance policy if you become Cyber Secure Verified, which can save you money.